"I know I need to leverage my brand image, but I just don't know how..."

I'm here to help! I know that posting beautiful images alone isn't enough to get you more clients.

You need the right approach to make those little gems work for you.

I help you craft, style, and strategize so you don't just get pretty pictures, you get a plan.

  1. Brand and vision consultation

  2. Choosing targeted stories to help you connect

  3. Session planning + timelines

  4. Photo inspiration & creative direction

  5. Location scouting and arrangement

  6. Wardrobe consultation and styling help

  7. Product or prop styling

  8. Direction during photoshoots

  9. Full access, high resolution online gallery 

  10. Marketing mentoring so you know just what to do to get more traction and engagement from your photos.

How I Do It

The Experience

I help you pin point your authentic brand stories and craft them into images that will help build connection with your ideal audience.




- 10 - 15 retouched images

- 30 min. planning consultation

-45 min photo session

-1 location

*This is my only package that does NOT include a full branding consultation & marketing mentoring

starting at $150 + tax



1 Story

- Brand consultation & planning session

- Approx. 20 retouched images

-1 location & 1 outfit

-1 hr photo session

-Marketing mentoring

starting at $350 + tax



3 Stories

-Brand consultation & planning session

- Approx. 60 retouched images

- 2 locations & 3-4 outfits

-3 hr photo session

-Marketing mentoring

Valued at $1,050

Your price starting at $750+ tax

$300 savings!



5 Stories

-Brand consultation & planning session

- Approx. 100 retouched images

- 3 locations

-5-6 outfits

-In person wardrobe consultation

-Prop scouting

-4.5 hr photo session

-Marketing mentoring

Valued at $1,750

Your price starting at $1,250+ tax

$500 savings!




-Brand consultation & planning session

-Customized product shots, pricing based on number of items and stories desired.

-Marketing mentoring

Custom Pricing

What is a branding photoshoot all about?
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5 Reasons For Professional Branding Photos

1. It builds trust and helps your brand stand out by showing that you care deeply about your work and that your offerings are high quality.


2. If you're building a brand where you are the driving force, it gets you in front of the camera so you can be the face of your business and allow people to get to know you.


3. You get help in crafting photos that are finessed and capture the essence of your brand so people can understand what you do and what makes you special faster.


4. You don't have to take time to learn how to take good photos, edit them, and post them - so more time to do creative things that are really in your wheel house.


5. Your photos will be customized to you. No stock photos!

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