Your Business Needs A Mentor - Like ASAP

If you could talk to ANY business coach or mentor who would it be?

I'd definitely want to sit across from Jasmine Star no contest.

Mentors matter SO much in the entrepreneurial journey. Whether they are people you watch on YouTube or someone you can actually call or text when you need some biz advice, they matter!

The list doesn't need to be long. A solid voice that you can draw wisdom from might be all you need to gain major ground in your journey.

So who is it for you?

There have been times in my business where I've needed a little helping hand and wasn't sure what to do. A good mentor is someone who's been there before you or who has a piece of knowledge that can help you move forward in whatever you're handling at the moment.

Choosing a good mentor is important.

  • They should have a solid character, because integrity goes a longer way than charisma.

  • They should also be someone who's communication style works for you. After all you actually want to listen to them.

  • They should also be someone who is willing to give you a little tough love sometimes. It may not come in a direct to you type of tough love, but it must be the type of advice that can tell you like it really is.

  • They should be someone who is more concerned about the well being of others than themselves. There are lots of personalities out there that have only one aim - to make themselves happy even at the cost of others.

A few big voices that I have lended an ear to are definitely Jasmine Star, as I mentioned above, and Jenna Kutcher. I've also found Jordan Lee Dooley of The Own It Academy another voice I've been continually encouraged by.

Many business mentors have resources available in multiple formats. So whether you want to pop in some Airpods and stream a podcast while you do the dishes, watch a Youtube video while you sip coffee, or read a blog post before bed there are so many ways to consume information these days that you basically have zero excuses!

I totally recommend the three gals I mentioned above by the way. I have yet to really be sad that I listened to them.

Go after it babes!

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