You Can Still Set Goals For #2020

Yaaaaa'llllll...this year has been crazy! There is no doubt in my mind that you've felt it in just about every area of your life, including your business. And maybe you set goals back in January and are thinking it might be better to just forget all about them. I totally get that! Maybe you wanted to grow your clientele, or make more money. Maybe you wanted to start marketing like crazy, and found yourself just not really knowing what to do. Girl, give yourself some grace!

But with fall rolling around I've been feeling a sense of refreshing, almost like a reset even though so many circumstances are still the same. So with the changing season I'm revisiting my goals, and wanted to take you along with me.

I'm taking a look at the ones I did make and doing a little check -up on them. One thing I realize about setting and reaching goals is that even in years where everything is going pretty great we lose track of things. With time we lose our passion, or we get distracted. And those are totally normal things, but if we have something we really want to do getting back up and trying again by doing a goal refresher will help us get there.

So if you could take a peek in my journal you'd see a few questions scrolled across the page.

  1. What were my goals?

  2. Are they still relevant?

  3. If so, am I on track?

I can tell you that on several of them I've gone off track. And that's okay, there's grace for that (all things considered), but where my goals are still relevant I can take action to turn things around.

Here are a few ideas I came up with.

-Rewrite my goals and post them up somewhere I will see several times a day.

-Break those goals down into actionable steps

-Create accountability with someone who will give me a little tough love if I'm not doing what I need to do

Are these steps simple? Absolutely! But they aren't necessarily easy in application.

In fact, I had actually already written my goals out and posted them up, but I had taped them to an area of a shelf that is right next to my desk, but that I almost never really look at. So I'm going to change that. And with that I had forgotten what my goals even really were so I wasn't focusing on my action plan.

So here I am in mid September restarting.

I'm focusing my brand and my business. I'm doing the behind the scenes work to clarify my message and create a better experience for my visitors and guests. I'm taking the time to write down what I want out of the rest of 2020 and into 2021 and coming up with steps I can take to try to get there.

And you know what, I'll have to keep doing this for the rest of my life! So even if you are really far into your business journey change is always happening. Life isn't static and your business isn't either. There will be new things you want to do, new circumstances to work through, and new clients.

So will you join me in revisiting our goals? There is still hope for the rest of this year.

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