What's a personal brand without the real you?

Revealing certain parts of ourselves for our branding can be SCARY! Like run the other way scary.

And maybe it's because we think that thing is embarrassing, or maybe it's because it makes us realize our imperfections. But sometimes I think it's because we're just scared about what other people are going to think about us.

I know that I struggle with this.

But people want relationships. They want to feel connected somehow, and often times it's those personal details that really grow the loyalty people feel towards us.

For example, I have always struggled to talk about my entrepreneurial journey. Why? Because it's not perfect. It's not one of glory and fame and accolades.

My first freelance marketing job was for a marketing company that failed and couldn't pay me. My next marketing client I had to "fire" and for the few years after that I was just a mom - as if there was something wrong with that. But those beginnings and experiences are what taught me so much about business, branding, and what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

We don't have to reveal personal details that feel inappropriate, but sometimes what we're hiding the world could really benefit from.

What part of your journey feels too scary to share? Try talking it over with a friend first if it feels too hard to share online. Maybe just voicing it will help you see that it's not so bad.

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