What Is Branding Photography? And Why You Need It.

Hey there friend!

I know that being an entrepreneur can be so hard. Like, it’s a real crazy thing, I know!

And one of my main goals is to help entrepreneurs like you thrive, but I realized that there might be a barrier of confusion in the way, and I want to clear it right up.

I'm a brand photographer, and I do what I do so you can boost your image/rep with pretty photos. But I realize that brand photography isn’t something many entrepreneurs and small businesses are familiar with or understand in the context of what they're doing (i.e. non corporate biz), and you might be asking, “What is branding photography?”

And it’s a darn good question!

So here goes…

Branding photography is simply a formal term for photos that help people understand you and what you’re all about. They tell your story + make you look real good so people will want to either work with you or buy from you.

I know that was a little funny, but in all seriousness, branding photography is really just any type of photography that showcases what a person or company does and their "flavor" of that product or service.

It can show

  • the type of work done,

  • what a space is like,

  • how someone likes to work,

  • and where they work etc.

It also showcases

  • products and services.

But beyond that sort of technical stuff it’s about capturing personality and belief.

Think of Target vs. Walmart. They both sell similar types of items like clothing, home goods, and toys, but they have their own flare, their own way of expressing themselves, and they speak to different types of people. Just like you have your own unique style, way of working, beliefs, and dream clients.

So brand photos are meant to show not just what someone does but WHO THEY ARE, because people want to work with or buy from people they can connect with. Yeah, we buy some stuff simply because it fits within our budget (like trash bags and milk), but so many transactions are made based on relationships. Think of the last job you had. Did you have to give them a resume? Did you do some type of interview? Yasssss! You had to show up, talk to someone...communicate with them to win them over.

So I’m gonna be real honest with you - you might want to start thinking about building up your personal or business brand in a real serious way, because nowadays your online presence is becoming more and more how people judge you when it comes to doing business with you.

They look at your online presence (personal or business), or lack thereof, and how and what you post and decide whether they want to work with you or buy from you. They want to know if you fit what they’re looking for.

And let’s not sugar coat it… there are most likely several other people in your area, or somewhere online doing the same thing as you. And if we’re REALLY honest there is probably someone doing it better. Yikes! I’m sorry it that hurt. I really am. But it’s better to be blunt than to see you not building your dream business and absolutely killing it.

So how are people supposed to choose who they want to work with or buy from? They choose based off of who they connect with and who communicated the most value the quickest.

Brand photos ARE NOT everything when it comes to building your brand and marketing. But they are a huge part because of the visual age we live in. They help you get noticed, and show people that you’re the real deal.

So what is branding photography in a nutshell?
It’s you, your products, your services, your beliefs, your dreams, your experiences captured and translated into pretty, power packed images that are meant to attract all the right people. Your brand photos are meant to be wordless communicators that draw people in to everything you have to offer.

You ready to do that?

It doesn’t have to be scary.

I stay awake at night trying to figure out ways to make your life easier and make brand shoots a piece of freakin’ cake for my clients.

So if you want to start by just asking a question, do that!

You can email me at briannakinsleyphotography@gmail.com or hit up my contact form!

I call them “discovery calls” or messages, but really it’s simply just figuring out what’s what so you aren’t confused and you’re getting the right thing for you.

That’s all for now sista!

Let’s talk soon



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