Welcome To My "Pivot" and Rebrand

OH MY GOODNESS! What a year it has been! Last summer I started posting here and it's been such an amazing journey.

I've met so many beautiful people on my journey! I've been invited into the inner workings of businesses, seen the dreams and visions of driven entrepreneurs, and helped them create images to bring it all to life.

Not to mention so many of the sweet family sessions that I've done as well! Holy crud, I love all of you and your littles.

One major thing I've learned is that when we have big dreams, whether we're moms, wives, daughters, friends, or sisters is that we have to keep refining that thing we started with.

We have to keep things growing and be willing to pivot. For me that's meant taking a long inventory of how I've been representing my own brand. Sometimes when you start something you're in one place in life with certain circumstances and experiences and as you grow you figure out what you really want and how you want to express it. And THAT's OKAY!

So I'm pushing myself and my own branding knowing that the more specific I get and the more focused my efforts and messaging the better I can serve all of you.

I have to practice what I preach!

Will I do it perfectly? No! And that's the beauty of this space. We are all growing together. We're all working towards our dreams together in one way or another.

So if you are a driven entrepreneur who wants to reach her dreams and bring others up with you then you are welcome to the journey with me. Follow me on Instagram and stay up to date! Send me a DM, I'd love to Insta "meet" you.



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