Room For Two: Life Married To Another Entrepreneur.

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

I want to let you in on a little something. It’s more personal than some of the other blog posts I’ve written so far. But it was on my heart to share.

Here it is straight out...I think a lot of people are clueless about what it looks like to be an entrepreneur, and almost more clueless to what it would look like to have two entrepreneurs under one roof. And I'm not throwing any shade. It's just that if they’ve never been one, or don’t know one it’s like this foreign country that they’re curious about, but aren’t too sure they want to go there. When do you work? How do you work? How do you get paid? Who watches your kids? How do you do it all? Why do you do it?

And there’s not always a straightforward answer. Things are often, well...confusing. You carry the responsibilities of your business AND your family. You are often the CEO, CFO, creative director, marketing specialist, sales lead, customer service, AND the one actually making or creating the product or service. Plus, you are a spouse, friend, sibling, grocery getter, house cleaner, cook, teacher…It looks pretty on highlight reels and Facebook ads, but the nitty gritty of it all can be a sort of gray area that other people don’t really see and don’t really understand.

But I get to share all of this crazy with someone else who not only sees it all everyday, but has chosen it for himself. The necessary madness that is the life of an entrepreneur is carried by not just one of us, but by both of us. And it’s both comforting and totally scary at the same time.

You know what though? I love it.

Taking the road you’re called to take even if things get hard or don’t turn out like you thought they would is part of living obedient. And that word might scare some people. Like, obedient to who? And before you check out right here, my friend, it’s the safest and scariest word in the whole world. The most trying and the most rewarding.

In all the imperfection that I hold, and the ways I don’t do business perfectly or treat my spouse with the best love. In every way that I am NOT doing things well I still believe that I am on a road that God called me to. The Artisan creating an artist. The Star Breather calling out for His beloved child to reach towards the heavens, to dream, to chase the good, to use the talents He gave and be obedient to His voice. And I’m on it with this beautiful person who is also called to it.

Like it’s in our DNA we are chasing it down, looking to master it, to allow it to become more natural and less foreign. We choose to see the world differently, to wake up and live on an edge most people would never walk close to. Looking down a road not yet forged we decided together to say goodbye to safety and take a risk not completely sure it would work out.

And that’s our life. One big, beautiful risk.

Are there things that make the double entrepreneur marriage a tough one? Sure. We have to coordinate two rather unpredictable schedules. Sometimes we work the weekends. Accounting for two incomes that aren’t straightforward can be frustrating. Sleeping and eating and all the common things don’t always happen when they do for your friends and family. We have different talents and even though we share SO many things in common we sometimes do things differently.

It’s like a circus. It’s a chosen life, it’s choreographed to the best of our ability and yet there are things going on everywhere that are more or less us trying to make sure the tent doesn’t fall down on our heads.

Will it always be like this? Probably not. Will we learn more, gain better tools and find certain ways to tread the path that make things a little easier? I’m sure. Life isn’t static. The path isn’t flat. We aren’t machines. We will grow and change through it all.

But for now, while it is what it is, we are here choosing to live this type of lifestyle that is often misunderstood, hard yet rewarding, and crazy good. We are here asking God to use us to make the world beautiful and to show that He really is love. We choose each other, we choose to find ways to serve our community, and choose a future for our kids that is bright and fun, leaving them with a legacy that was worth all the tears.

Would I recommend entrepreneurship? Absolutely, yes! I think it has so many pros that all of the cons practically just fade away. Will I say that it’s for everyone? No. And if it’s not for you or it’s not part of what you’re called to do or at least do right now there is nothing wrong with that. Seriously! Would I say that if you’re an entrepreneur and you’re looking for a spouse that you should choose another entrepreneur? Not necessarily, but it might be some common ground that draws you together. I know it is for me and my husband. And when I lay my head on my pillow next to his and pray to thank God for my day I’m definitely going to be grateful that I have that amazing man next to me. Always and forever baby!

If you’re an entrepreneur, what do you find to be the hardest thing? And if you’re an entrepreneur married to an entrepreneur what is one tip you would have for other couples in the same type of lifestyle? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook. I love interacting with you all.



P.S. photo credit to my friend Cally Sharp. My selfie game isn't that advanced yet ;)

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