If Your Brand Was A Person...

Branding can feel like an elusive mythical creature 🤣 Okay, so obviously I'm joking here, but seriously if you've spent any time working on your brand you know a little bit about what I mean. Landing on YOUR brand isn't always easy.

What logo do you choose? What about fonts? Which cute little Story templates do you choose for Insta? Do you need a color palette? What do you wear? Does that even matter?

There are sooooo many questions to ask yourself! But I want to help clarify ONE thing in particular. You have to be able to make your brand have a livable personality.

You can ask yourself this one question whether you have a personal brand or a separate business brand...


Where would it live? What types of things does it like to wear? What are it's most important characteristics?

Is it serious? Is it fun and energetic? Is it the type of "person" that likes hiking and green smoothies or would it rather slip on a pair of fuzzy pink slippers and bing Netflix with an endless supply of chocolate?

These personable details help define many elements in your brand identity. So start with that question if you're struggling to nail down some specifics in your branding. It will help, I promise!

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