I Never Thought I'd Be On The Radio

If you've ever wanted to be in business, but aren't sure if you can do it I'm here to tell ya that you can!

This past week me and two other female entrepreneurs jumped on a radio show together at KYCA 103.5 (a local Prescott, AZ radio station) to talk about how we started our businesses, and what it takes to run them, but we really did it to encourage you.

We wanted to make it absolutely clear that you CAN start a business in a small town. You CAN be a millennial and have a legitimate business, and you can find support.

So take a listen to the segment here (I totally just took a screen capture of my phone, #sorrynotsorry) because it won't be up on their site for too long. Or you can jump over to the KYCA website and listen there as long as their post remains active.




P.S. If you're looking for support as a female entrepreneur or blogger in Arizona send me an email at briannakinsleyphotography@gmail.com or hop on over to my form and send me a message.

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