I'm A Real #mompreneur

A little behind the scenes from a personal shoot I did last week. I'm tellin' ya, things are for real crazy during photo shoots some times.

I'm pretty sure my kids walked in several times and eventually ended up playing Legos about 3 feet from where I was taking photos. And that's my life sometimes folks!

I'm a real #mompreneur and while that used to make me feel old I totally embrace it now. My kiddos are a part of me and add so much to not just my daily life, but the meaning of my business and why I even do what I do.

They help me push through the hard days and strive to get better. To the best of my ability I want to show them that they can reach their dreams and add good to the lives of others.

I'll take all the crazy home photo shoots knowing that they inspire my creativity and shape me to be the entrepreneur that I am.

Who else is a #mompreneur?

It's okay to laugh about that hashtag. It's like #bossbabe - it feels sort of weird to say, but explains SO much.

And I do apologize ahead of time, but you probably won't see too many photos of my kiddos here on the internet. The world can be a crazy place, and I'm currently choosing to protect their privacy.

Gotta also support #savethechildren

If you need any support as a woman in business PLEASE reach out to me! I want to support other women trying to rock their creativity and dreams in the business space. We are totally meant to be here.

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