Does Your Website Need A Check-Up? 4 Areas That Create A Thriving Site.

When is the last time you dug into your website? Did you get things looking decent 2 years ago and then almost forget about it?

I get it! It's way more fun to post and comment on Insta than dig in to the back end of your site.

Plus, with the busyness of life as an entrepreneur, there are already so many things on our to-do lists.

But our websites are our online "storefronts" and our digital salesforce. They should be working to get us more business even while we sleep. And not to mention that Instagram and Facebook could get wiped off the map just like Myspace.

So we can't neglect our own little slice of the digital landscape.

Do a website check-up to see if your website is helping you or holding you back.

Here are 4 major areas you can dive in to make sure your website is helping you thrive.

  1. Copy

  2. Design

  3. Function

  4. Photos

Let's dive in...


Your copy is anything that you write or say. And you don't have to be a professional to make your words work for you. Ask yourself these questions.

  • Does what I'm saying sound like me?

  • Is it speaking to one person (your ideal client)?

  • Is it overly wordy?

  • Am I being clear or confusing?

  • How can I add more personality?

  • Is it leading my visitors to take action?

Creating the words for your website isn't like telling a total stranger on the street about your business. You have time to think, research, and craft words that reflect you well and speak to your audience.

Dig deep into why you started your business and who your ideal client is. What do they want? What will they read on your site that will have them saying "that's me!"? How can you speak their language? And how can you help build the like, know, and trust factor?

This is where you can also add keywords to boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search engines use keywords to index your website and help you show up in relevant searches. So make sure your website has solid keywords that people will search for to find you and your business.

You can even utilize a blog to give your website more pages to be indexed as well as add more value to your audience. This shows search engines that you are active and helps your content seem more relevant. It can also be a great way to grow your fan base and build confidence in your work. Hello, brand building!

Plus, if you're adding value through your blog posts or you have some type of free download you can capture emails and further your relationship with your site visitors.


The design of your website consists of any visual elements as well as the placement of that content on your site.

This is either your playground or your biggest nightmare. Design can be super fun, but it's also time-consuming and if you aren't familiar with how your website works, your branding, and how to make your website look like you want it to then it can be overwhelming.

Don't fret though! You can ask yourself a few questions to jumpstart your design check-up, and follow up with any research you need to make sure your site is looking fresh.

  • Does your website's design reflect your brand?

  • Does it look current or is it a little out of date?

  • Do the elements make it easy to navigate?

  • Is everything in the right place?

  • Is my website optimized for mobile view?

If you don't have a clue where to start I would definitely look into company's that offer templates. You can look at their templates and see what might work for you if you know how to design things yourself (even if you are using another drag and drop type site).

You can also look for inspiration on Google or Pinterest keeping in mind your own brand. What will help your audience get you? Does that font express your personality? Do the colors tell a story of who you are?

One exercise you can do is look at someone else's website and ask yourself how their design makes you feel and what it makes you think about them. Those same thoughts are what your visitors will be asking themselves.

When in doubt hire a professional or get a friend or business coach to look over your site.

And one last thing about your website design that you must NEVER FORGET... Always.Check. The. Mobile. View.

Plus, read on, because design is the cousin of function.


The function of your website is simply how your site operates. This isn't as much fun to check in on, but is SUPER important.

If you get a potential client on your site wanting to reach out to you to book a session or buy your product but the button to send or buy doesn't work they will most likely look elsewhere. I'm not gonna lie here, people can be fickle and there are lots of options for most things in other places. Unless they are loyal customers or you have something they really really want, you risk losing business over something as simple as button disfunction.

And this can tie into your design as well. You may have started designing something beautiful, but it gets moved around by accident (technology isn't perfect) or you forgot to check the mobile view and *gasp* the form you made to get people to book is hidden behind the cute photo of you working. Design and function must work together.

So ask yourself these questions...

  • Do all the buttons work?

  • Are your forms sending properly?

  • Do the pages, photos, and design elements load properly?

It's not as much fun checking the function of your website, but it's vitally important.

Now on to something way more fun!


These pretty little gems are meant to showcase who you are, what you do, and how you do it. Plus they can pack a huge punch.

But too often we forget to update our photos. Like, everyone who comes to your site thinks you're still rocking that blonde bob cut from last spring, but low and behold you have gone dark and added 22 inches of extensions.

The point here is, you want your website photos to reflect how things look now.

Ask yourself these questions to do a check-up on your website photos.

  • Are the images of you and/or your team current?

  • Do images of your work reflect your current skill level and offerings?

  • Has your space changed?

  • Are your images on brand?

  • Do your images tell your story and focus on the experience you promote?

Images, like your copy, are places that you speak to your ideal client in major ways. It's the nuances and subtle details that can draw them in or repel them. They might connect with the hat you're wearing and decide to click to your next page.

Refreshing your photos is also a good way to bring interest to those browsing your site and get them to click around more. This shows search engines like Google that your website is relevant. You can even label all of your photos before you upload them to your site which can help them show up in search as well.

So how is your website looking?

If it's not where you want it to be, no worries! Just take one step forward in creating a healthy, thriving website and you will get there in no time.

Looking for what type of pictures to post? Download my Hairstylist’s Shot List. It gives you a list of 12 exact types of photos you need to be taking as a stylist or salon owner to be more relatable and get more clients. It also gives you examples so have a reference list for when you’re planning your own content.

But just like your website check-up, don't let any areas where you need to do work get you down. Keep your head up and keep going!

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