Do you have an onliness statement?

I'm the only_____who_____by______in order to____... 👀 Do you have an onliness statement?

Here's what I mean -

In your business you are probably "competing" with a big pool of other people in your industry and/or area. The possibility that you all offer something similar is highly likely.

So you need to stand out and have strong differentiators.

You can't just cut hair or sell coffee or sling t-shirts. There are lots of people doing that.

You need to find that one thing that makes you unique and then stand confidently by it.

The phrase "oneliness statement" was originally coined by Marty Neuimeier - a major player in the branding world. He's worked with big names like Adobe, Apple, and HP and has written several groundbreaking books about branding, design, and innovation like The Brand Gap, Zag, and The Designful Company among others. Like, this guy is the real deal. I highly recommend you buy his books - I did! Or even looking him up on YouTube. There is some seriously good, but totally awesome free info on there.

His statement gets at the heart of what makes you YOU. It helps you dig into your concrete business values and formulate them into a statement that promotes you as different, expert, and desireable.

So what's something about the DNA of your business that isn't like the others?

I'll give you mine as an example, because I know how weird it can feel to come up with one. Hopefully it can give you a little confidence to make your own.

I'm the only branding photographer in Northern AZ who helps female entrepreneurs create greater impact and connection with their ideal clients by helping them with brand strategy, photo styling, and marketing mentoring in order to increase brand awareness and profits while being fun, professional and emotionally in tune.

Geeze that felt like a lot!

And might there be a chance that someone else has a similar mission? Sure! But if you can't come up with a statement like this that has some type of differentiators that you can stand by you probably need to dig a little deeper.

And the rest of your branding will show the nuances of HOW you do this, and the particulars of your personality and style that make you the right person for your ideal client.

Try it! Get out a pen and paper or a Google Doc and start thinking about why you started your business and the goals and dreams you have for it. How do you serve people? What makes you tick? How are you different from the person down the street doing a similar thing?

Need help? Email me at I'd love to hear about your business and find out how I might be able to help you with your branding strategy and get you going in the right direction.

You can also use this template to help you answer the questions individually before putting them together.

Oneliness Statement Template By Brianna Kinsley Photography
Your Oneliness Statement

Want to see what else you can do to make sure you're hitting all the right areas in your branding? Download my Branding Checklist here.


Brianna Kinsley

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