Wanna kill it in life and business? Set good boundaries.

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I've been trying to balance ALL THE THINGS! And if you're a multi-passionate type of woman, or maybe a fellow mama trying to reach her dreams while loving her kiddos, or maybe you're a wife trying to keep your marriage solid and kill it in your business than you know that doing it all can feel really overwhelming some times.

So what do we do?

Boundaries and discipline my friend. Yes, you need to be taking care of yourself because if you aren't than you honestly can't show up well for others.

But before you can even do that you need to set boundaries and then stick to them where you can.

What does that look like?

-Maybe it's setting strict work hours.

-Maybe it's getting off Netflix at an earlier time so you can actually get some sleep

-Maybe it's saying no to certain events so you can be present for what you can't say no to

-Maybe it's actually saying no to eating certain things so you have more energy and focus to work more productively

Some of these ideas I mentioned aren't necessarily popular or easy, but when it comes to being a entrepreneur who does well at business and life you have to do the hard thing and set good boundaries.

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