8 Tips To Help You Choose What To Wear To Your Personal Branding Photoshoot.

What you wear says a lot about you. And your brand photos are supposed to attract your ideal clients and other people you want to connect with and help them get what you’re all about and FAST, like blink test fast.

That first impression might be your only chance to set yourself apart, gain their trust, and get them to stick around. So nailing what you wear to your personal brand photoshoot shouldn’t be an afterthought.

*A quick note here - A personal brand is simply your reputation and everyone has one of those. Whether you’re a corporate business owner, a student, a network marketer, a fashionista, or simply someone trying to get more involved in your community you have skills, experiences, knowledge, and personality that will formulate who you are in other’s minds.

So where do you start?

I know that it’s hard to pick what to wear in the morning sometimes, let alone picking outfits for a photoshoot that you are going to post for everyone to see.

Do you wear jeans and a t-shirt? A flowy dress and sandals? Combat boots and leggings? Or do you go straight business, power-suit and heels?

I’m gonna come right out of the gate and say that there is no right way. What you should focus on when it comes to figuring out what to wear to your personal brand photoshoot is who you are, what you stand for, and how you can express that visually. Think about your personality, character, and what you want people to notice the most about you.

Choose clothing that matches your profession or business type (if applicable).

If you are in an industry that either requires a particular kind of dress, or people strongly associate a certain type of outfit with it, then at least one of your outfits you photograph in should support this. Are you a fitness instructor? Bring out the active wear. Travelling nurse? Scrubs! Baker? Your favorite apron.

Pick outfits that match your brand aesthetic and personality.

Beyond your profession or business type think about what TYPE of person you are. Let’s take the fitness instructor example further and say that not only would you choose athletic wear, but you’d pick the bright pink set you bought off Fabletics, because that shows off your bold personality.

And if you don’t have a profession or industry that calls for or has strong clothing associations, then simply choose what shows off your style.

Are you a free-spirited boho princess? Kick off your shoes and wear your favorite flowy dress. A little more edgy? A black band t’ and skinnies with biker boots. Peppy and feminine? Your favorite peplum skirt and silk top.

Even if you don’t wear that type of outfit on a daily basis, it will represent your personality and will communicate it more easily to your audience.

Wear something that makes you feel good.

Can I say that when you feel good you photograph so much better? You act more relaxed, you handle yourself more naturally and you look like you don’t hate your life lol.

Choose colors that you look good in.

Colors, neutrals, patterns? Wear what you look good in.

I don’t believe that there is a hard and fast rule that says you can’t wear patterns. It really comes down to what looks good on you and your brand.

So next point...

Choose colors that match your brand aesthetic.

This is a piggyback on the point right above this. Wear colors that you look good in AND what goes along with the rest of your branding.

For example, you might have chosen a luxurious brand color palette that features mainly eggplant and gold. Wearing bright pink might clash with other images you have, font colors, props etc. Sometimes sticking with something that matches other elements you have is easier on the eye, makes others recognize you easier, and ultimately encourages them to want to stick around. However, this can be more flexible than you think depending on what story you are telling.

Pick outfits that won’t clash with your location.

This can be a little tricky and is more of a finer detail, but choosing outfits that don’t clash with your surroundings can make the end photo that much more appealing. For example, if you know you are shooting in a room with blue paint, you might want to choose an outfit that works with that tint of blue. Also flip that on it’s head and consider the above point - does your location fit your overall aesthetic? I know, I know, one more thing to think about! But I promise it all makes the process and outcome that much better. But that’s for another post.

Pick a variety of outfits.

Having more than one outfit at a brand shoot gives you variety and options for posting. You might want some photos to look more professional and others more casual.

Plus, it’s more interesting to your audience and keeps things fresher.

Be aware of the season!

You can go full swing seasonal if you do multiple brand shoots a year (hello sparkly holiday dress), or you can pick something that might work for more than one season. Totally up to what you need! Just don't forget a jacket to throw on if it's the dead of winter and you are shooting in a tank top. People do it.

There it is ladies!

If you have any questions about prepping for a photoshoot let me know! I’m a photographer with an eye for style and I love making sure you feel great in front of the camera.

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