6 Questions To Help You Define Your Brand Mission

If you've started a business you did it for a reason. Maybe you wanted to ditch your 9-5, or maybe you were forced to work from home this past year and decided it was the perfect time to branch out. You saw a way to help pay the bills and hopefully do something you love. All good things.

But those things aren't your brand mission. And here's a few things they won't do.

  • They won't help you define your niche

  • They don't give anything for your customers to connect with you on

  • They won't fuel your passions when things get really hard

Brands that people love make them really feel something.

Your brand needs a real mission!

Here's what a brand mission is:

A brand mission is the motivation, purpose and objectives of a business or individual. It sets the course for action and defines who the brand serves.

Now people will say that a brand mission is separate from your brand's vision and while in many ways I'd agree to some aspects of that I think that you have to have some vision for where you want to go so you know the steps required to get there.

So here are 6 questions to ask yourself to help you define your brand mission and start building a brand that people can connect with.

  1. What do you do?

  2. Why did you get started?

  3. Who do you do it for?

  4. What good do you want to produce?

  5. Where do you want your work to ultimately lead you and your customers?

  6. What do you want to be known for?

Let's dive in a little bit more.

What do you do?

Simple enough of a question, right?

Not so fast!

Some times we look at what we do at TOO MUCH of a face value.

For example: "I cut hair" could be your answer. But you do more than that. You make people feel beautiful. You help them gain confidence to wake up every day and feel great about themselves. I could keep going, but here is where you can add a little more to some of the more personal aspects of what you do.

Why did you get started?

This question can take you to deep places. Let yourself go there.

You might have a clothing boutique and you think that maybe you just got started because you love fashion. That may be part of it. But why do you love fashion? Do you love it because it helps you express parts of yourself that you can't get out any other way? Does it help you function easier each day? Does it make you feel more beautiful?

You can apply the above thought process to your own industry.

When did you first decide that you wanted to open your business? Go back to the baby steps it took you to get there. It could have been years and years ago sitting on your couch trying to build a website asking yourself where the heck you were going to get pictures to post for that site. That was a defining moment for me that I didn't even think about until years later.

Who do you do it for?

Knowing who your business serves is one of the most foundational pieces that you need to know for your brand to thrive. To get started you can make a list with at least 7 different factors. Some things you might want to factor in:







Marital status


Here's an example:

An 30 year old wife and mother in Arizona making $40,000 a year who wants to look great in a pinch because she works long shifts as a nurse.

This example is pretty general, and I suggest you take time to go deeper, but for the purpose of defining your mission it will get you on the right path.

What good do you want to produce?

Always focus on doing good for your customers. While your business should benefit you for sure, it's really about serving others. It can be a simple benefit, but it should always be something that makes their life better.

Is it saving them time? Is it saving them money? Is it helping them feel better about themselves? Is it making their job easier? Will it keep them healthier?

And you don't have to pick just one thing! You can definitely choose a few things, but try to keep it focused to the most important ones. If you are sharing your mission with a potential client and you start going off on all 20 of the things you want to produce in their lives you might lose them.

Where do you want your work to ultimately lead you and your customers?

This question may feel similar to some of those above, but it has more of a long term focus. What collective good might you be striving for that you want to see come to fruition 10 years down the road?

How will your everyday work lead to something bigger? For example you might be a health coach helping couples lead more vibrant relationships through more active lifestyles and better eating, but ask yourself where that might lead you and your community in 10 years. Could you see a city with healthier families? Would you see a drop in divorce? Would it benefit other businesses or aspects of the community at large?

All things to consider.

What do you want to be known for?

Dream a little bigger! I'm serious. Take this question and run hard with it. If you could be the IT person in your industry what would you be known for?

Is it a particular skill?

Is it a specific style?

Is it a product?

Take Joanna Gaines for example.

Not only is she known for designing homes with character, but she is known for her books (cookbooks, design guides, children's stories), products at both Target and her own shop, and her kind yet spirited character.

Most of us hear the word "Magnolia" and we automatically think about a number of Joanna's ventures.

You don't have to do all of the things that Jo does to have your business matter.

But you can have the laser focused mission and motivations to serve your people powerfully.

Take these questions seriously and I promise it will make diving into other areas of your brand a whole lot easier!

If you're looking for a roadmap of sorts to help you know what topics to work through when building your brand go download my Branding Checklist. It's totally FREE and it will help you touch on all the things that make a winning brand.

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