5 Things That Make Posting On Social Media Easier

As a busy gal it can be hard to stay consistent with social media, but we all know just how beneficial it can be for business. It helps create connection, and build trust and awareness of your brand. A friend asked me recently my thoughts on it, and I figured it was worth a full post for the rest of ya.

So here goes...

  1. Decide how many times a week/day you want to post. I try to post twice a day each day of the week. But you can do what works for you and your audience.

  2. Create post categories. These are 7-10 different topics you'll post about. They are things that are relevant to your business and your audience that you can use to talk about what you do without selling all the time. About you, your why, behind the scenes, products, etc.

  3. Decide on photo topics. What types of photos capture what you do and help to communicate your personality and brand? These should be things that will make your dream clients want to stop and read. They work hand in hand with your post categories. They could be photos of you working, photos of clients, lifestyle images that describe your business etc.

  4. Find a posting app. My personal favorite is Later. You can use Plann, Planoly or any other app where you can upload photos, write captions, and organize your posts. You can have it auto post (if the app allows that) or you can have it notify you to post at a specified time.

  5. Write it down if you have to! I use Google Docs to write out many of my captions when they pop into my head. When it comes time to schedule I match it with an appropriate photo by just copying and pasting in my app. I can also write out a bunch of captions at once because it's easy to type and I can see what I just wrote.

Here is an example from my own Instagram feed.

A few of my post categories are:

  • Branding tips

  • My Why

  • Personal Insights

  • Showcasing My Work

And some of my photo topics are:

  • Coffee and journals

  • Me as a photographer/cameras

  • Quotes

  • Photos of clients

What I would do is pick a post category (they stay the same), say "My Why" and pair it with a photo of coffee and make my caption something like, "Work hard, drink coffee, be a world changer. Helping you knock out your social media like a total boss is what I'm all about. Let's do it ladies!" And then I would make sure to pick a time to post it with appropriate hashtags.

Once you get into this type of system it's really easy and it starts to roll. And if you find yourself saying, "Well I don't have photos of the things I'd like to post," then you have homework my friend. Go to Pinterest and get some inspo, find other Instagram pages that are similar and see what they're posting. Don't be a copycat, but sometimes other people are just a little further down the road than you are. Then schedule that photoshoot or start looking for things to take photos of.

BTW I'm really going to use that caption:) If you catch it on social totally drop me a comment.

Let me know how these work out for you. Send me an email at briannakinsleyphotography@gmail.com. I'm all ears and I'm totally up to chat!

You can find me on Instagram @briannakinsleyphotography

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