3 Things To Help You Pick The Right Props For Your Brand Photos

Let's talk props! The world is your oyster when it comes to picking props for your photos, but let's be honest, it can be SUPER overwhelming. Where do you even start?

There are so many types of props you can choose from, as well as colors, and textures. And all of them SAY something to your customers.

Here are 3 things you can do to narrow it down.

  1. Choose props that fit your brand's aesthetic. Do you like rustic, modern, mid century, or boho? Choose items that support your brand’s overall aesthetic and personality and then narrow from there.

  2. Pick colors that fit into a cohesive color palette and that will back up your brand story. Are you bold? Are you all about peace and tranquility? Are you going for rich and suave? Colors say a lot about your personality and purpose. Try to stick with props and overall photo colors that are similar and match well.

  3. Grab for textiles that bring texture to your photos while still fitting your aesthetic and color palette. Blankets, rugs, scarves, and curtains are all great ways to do this. I'm a big fan of those faux fur rugs, because I feel it represents me and the overall aesthetic I want to represent, but they aren't for everyone. Your brand may be better represented by leather, linen, silk, or some other type of texture.

If you aren’t sure about where to start head on over to good ol’ Pinterest.

Start building a mood board with pictures that you feel embody the general feel and story of your brand. It doesn’t have to be what you sell or even what you’d actually post. It’s just an exercise in finding inspiration and seeing what others have done that has PIECES of what you’re all about.

Here’s a snapshot of a board I’ve made for my own brand inspiration.

I look for photos that to me say:

  • Young and modern

  • Feminine, but edgy

  • Moody but fun

  • Creative and thoughtful

I don't restrict myself to the content of the photo either. As you can see from another example I also pin photos of rooms, cameras, books, and people working.

I choose whatever I feel represents my brand in some respect. It might be a photo of a cup of coffee, a moody portrait, or a messy bed. The next step I take is to NARROW it down to exact items, clothing, colors, lighting, and mood that I think will tell my own brand story more exactly.

But one thing to remember is that what you can produce or what you can get photographed is going to be a work in progress. You only have so much time, money, and availability. There are things that I'd love to photograph that I can't right now. And that's okay. So do what you can with what you have and always be thinking about what you want to build on and do next time.

If you want any help brainstorming about props send me a message on my site or at briannakinsleyphotography@gmail.com . I absolutely LOVE it!


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