The Hairstylist's Shot List

12 Photos You Need To Get More Clients

The photos you post on social media and your website are a BIG deal.

Can someone who lands on your page imagine sitting in your chair feeling like a queen sipping on Perrier from a champagne glass before they even book with you?


If you want to

  • show what makes you special,

  • attract your ideal client,

  • be relatable,

  • build confidence and

  • help your audience fall in love with you before they click or call to book 


download my power-packed cheatsheet The Hairstylist's Shot List


It gives you 12 types of photos you need to be posting in order to get better bookings with your dream clients, build their confidence in your work, and showcase YOU not just your work.

You'll get a list of photos you should be taking as well as visual examples to show you the variety of photos you can get right in your salon.


5 Benefits Of Adding These Types Of Shots To Your Marketing

  • Stand out by showing your unique personality and get more referrals

  • Help your audience start to know, like, and trust you

  • Showcase an experience, not just an outcome that creates excitement and builds brand loyalty

  • Put potential clients at ease and grow their confidence in you before they even click or call to book

  • Increase the value of your work and time

Get Your Copy


Pictures of good hair aren't enough...

If we're honest, there are lots of good stylists around. 

You need to stand out.

So how do you do that?


Hi, I'm Brianna!

A Brand Photographer passionate about helping hairstylists & beauty professionals raise the bar with their online presence and get better bookings with images that showcase their unique personality and expertise.

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