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I'm a rock'n'roll loving, cinnamon roll baking, band tee wearing branding photographer based out of Prescott, Arizona. 

And I’m crazy passionate about seeing female entrepreneurs kill it in business. Whether you're a boutique owner, a hairstylist, a blogger, artisan, writer, graphic artist, or interior designer I believe that you can absolutely thrive in today's markets, and I'm here to help you stand out, tell your unique story, and grow a recognizable brand through photos that inspire your audience to connect with you. 

I'm all about building connection.

I caught the entrepreneurial bug from my dad. And ever since I was a kid I was convinced that business was an amazing gift to serve the world with. I believed that women can show up in that space with strength, creativity, and compassion to build thriving businesses that create wealth for themselves, their families, their communities, and others. I bet if you’re here you believe the same thing.


But like anything good, it comes with it’s own set of struggles. If you’re like me you’ve probably asked these questions before…


  1. How do you stand out in a saturated market?

  2. How do you stop competing based on location and price only?

  3. How do you attract people you actually want to work with?

  4. How do you grow a business that people are loyal to?


I’ve been on a long journey to find the answers, and my mission is to come alongside other female entrepreneurs to help them overcome some of these struggles.


I’ve learned that the sweet spot for standing out, commanding the profits you desire, attracting your ideal client, and having them stick around lies at the intersection of business knowledge and enchanting branding.


Your brand is other people’s impression of you. It’s the words, feelings, and ideas that formulate in their mind when they think of you. In other words - it’s your reputation. You build your brand by doing your best to communicate what makes you different, your core values, and those things that make you YOU!


Photos are amazing tools for split second communication. It would be hard not to say the old cliche at this point, but pictures really can be “worth a thousand words.” They are the scroll stoppers that lead people to stop and read your captions. They can be what convinces someone to stick around on your social media or leave. They have the power to make someone feel something about you. And after mastering the myspace selfie back in 2003 :), taking my rounds in traditional and nontraditional learning spaces, having a stint at a marketing agency, plus several years of portrait photography experience I’ve landed in the world of branding photography.


I offer branding photography to help you show not just what you do, but who you are and the things that make you unique in a way that elevates the value and professionalism of your brand. You end up with the content that you need at your fingertips so you can post consistent, beautiful content without spending hours every week styling, shooting, and editing your own photos.


I love what I do. I’ve loved seeing the way it makes people’s lives easier and helps them feel more confident in their marketing. I see branding photography the way I view my songwriting (which is another passion), with deep respect for the way it connects to people and can move them in a way only the best art can.


So meet me at the intersection of business and branding. That corner where you are no longer just another flashing neon sign vying for people’s attention, but a place that feels like home.


I believe in you!


Stand tall. Wear your crown. Don't be afraid to be bold and brave.

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