Hey friend! I’m Brianna, and I’m thankful that you stopped by. 


I’m a personal and business branding photographer based out of the Prescott, AZ area.


I help driven + soulful hairstylists, salon owners, and beauty professionals market their venture with high quality, on brand photos that showcase who they are, what they do, and what makes them different. 


Because I’m crazy passionate about seeing female entrepreneurs kill it in the marketplace or wherever they find themselves! 


How I Got Started

I’m the daughter of an entrepreneur. I grew up believing that business is about serving people and doing the right thing. I think it should always be a win - win - win situation. So even when I worked for other people I tried to figure out how to make things better for everyone - my boss, the other employees, clients and myself. 


I asked myself what was working and what needed to be improved. 


Before I started doing photography I worked for a marketing company. One thing I realized was the HUGE need businesses have for good photos. The account I was working on didn’t have a budget for photography so we only used free stock photos for their website, blogs, and emails. It hurt my heart! Everything was boring, lacked a strong brand presence, and had zero customization. 


Step forward to the next client, and we did one (free) photography shoot, and had to milk the living daylights out of it to get content for their marketing. 


I began to see that getting good photos for businesses to use that were customized, on brand, and varied was a problem for small businesses. So while I did family portraiture for a time I marinated on the idea of helping businesses with photos that showcased their brand and would help them stand out so they could do more. 


Plus, with businesses utilizing social media, robust email marketing, and blogging the need for fresh content is on the rise.


So I decided it was time for something new.

The Way I Do Things

After my experience at the marketing agency I knew that businesses needed lots of on brand photos, but I realized that if you don't know what to do with those photos you feel a little lost, and the investment doesn't pay off like you wanted it to. 

So I make sure that each client not only walks through who they are as a brand and how that communicates visually, but that they know what to do with the curated photos that we take. It's a brand consultation + customized photos + marketing mentoring.

Plus, I give my clients a gallery that is theirs to use without getting charged per photo. I know what it's like to need photos at my fingertips. I think you should be able to have freedom to change out photos, use them in more than one place, and milk them for all they're worth!

I also offer flexible photo packages. This means that I help you figure out what actually works for you. We can set up seasonal shoots, monthly shoots, or even weekly minis! The sky is the limit.

Details About Me

So who is this photographer set on making your life like 10x’s easier? I’m just a small town Arizona girl who loves to adventure. I'm married to an amazing man who is also an entrepreneur and runs his own music studio, Virgil's Sound Den. We have 3 kiddos all 6 and under and we just started homeschooling (pray for me). I LOVE music, Jesus, ripped jeans, and coffee, like all of it. 


I’m obsessed with design, Pinterest is basically Google, and if you ask me I will probably make you a killer Spotify playlist. So let’s be friends and talk shop over snacks. Yum!  

How You Can Get Started

If you're ready to go, let's do this! You can fill out a simple form to get started. And if you aren’t sure how all of this works, or how it can work for you I’d love to talk it over. I don’t bite, I promise, and I truly want to make you shine so people can see what makes you so special, cuz you ARE! 


I do FREE discovery calls where we talk about your brand, your vision, and the best way to get you photos that you love to help you market your personal or business brand. 


To book a discovery call or ask a question send me a message. 


Thanks for sticking with me! And I can’t wait to talk.

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